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Complete Emergency Vehicle Sales and Upfitting
Done In One Stop

When John Kuivila served as a Police Chief he remembers the frustrations often associated with acquiring and up-fitting new emergency vehicles. He and his colleagues always seemed to struggle with the same, common problems. The upfitter would blame the dealership, the dealership would point back to the up-fitter. Worse yet, when a new vehicle went down -- then what? The backup units typically would not have the latest, most up to date equipment.

Three years ago he met Mike Lally. In the course of their discussion Mike shared the Lally family’s long standing support of area law enforcement. On the walls were pictures chronicling decades of police, fire, and EMS vehicles purchased from the Lally family. Mike and John realized that together they could make it easier for municipalities and private companies to equip first responders. Together they created Tim Lally S.A.V.E. (Specialty Advanced Vehicle Equipment) 

The Tim Lally Specialty Advance Vehicle Equipment (SAVE) division forged agreements with top emergency vehicle equipment vendors like Code 3, Federal Signal Corporation, Setina, Rockland, Magnetic Mic, Havis, Whelen, Lund Industries, Streamlight, Tremco Police Products, Stalker, Truck Vault, Go Rhino, and countless others. This meant that Tim Lally SAVE could offer both the Chevrolet emergency vehicle and a complete state of the art upgrade for less!

Our factory trained and certified technicians trained with our vendors so your up-fit is done by Union professionals that know both your vehicle and the added equipment. If you have any difficulties, there is no finger pointing between dealer and up-fitter -- we are one and the same and we will solve your issue. 

Sometimes switching to a new vehicle line is risky. You don’t know if a new brand of emergency vehicle will work for your officers, EMT’s, or other first responders. John addressed this familiar concern by up-fitting two in house Tim Lally Police Demo Vehicles. With these, departments can test both vehicle and up-fit equipment in the very environments for which they are being considered. This also provides for service loaners should a department vehicle go down for a few days. Only Tim Lally SAVE can offer you that!

See for yourself why your department should become a part of Tim Lally Chevrolet’s 97 Year History by contacting John and his team at Tim Lally S.A.V.E.  

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