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Police Car Warranty Options

At Tim Lally SAVE, we are excited to introduce a new addition to our service offerings that further enhances the value we provide to our clients. With our already robust service of outfitting vehicles for police, fire, and EMS departments, we are now proud to offer an extended warranty solution in partnership with Veritas Global Protection.

A Message from Our Directors

We're here with Jamie Onion, Director of Tim Lally SAVE, and Jason Durbach from Veritas Global Protection, to discuss an exciting new service for our clients.

About Tim Lally SAVE

Tim Lally SAVE was established to eliminate the finger-pointing between upfitters and dealers when police and fire departments procure new vehicles. As a one-stop shop, we handle both the upfitting and the vehicle procurement right here.

One frequent concern from our clients is about warranty protections—specifically, how to safeguard their investments, given the demanding nature of their use. Our solution addresses these concerns directly.

Extended Warranty Coverage


Jamie Onion, Director of Tim Lally SAVE, explains:"One of the significant challenges we faced was finding a warranty product that extendedbeyond the factory warranty, especially given the rigorous use of these vehicles.


We found that traditional warranties simply didn't cover our needs. That's why we partnered with Jason Durbach and Veritas Global Protection to offer a comprehensive solution."

Veritas Global Protection's Role

Jason Durbach elaborates on the specifics of the warranty:

"Our partnership with Tim Lally SAVE has enabled us to create a tailored program that extends the factory coverage to 96 months with unlimited miles. This means our customers are not burdened

by the typical mileage limits of 50,000 to 60,000 miles. Moreover, this extended coverage is transferable to subsequent owners, which is particularly beneficial for smaller agencies acquiring secondhand vehicles."

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What's Covered

The extended warranty includes coverage for:

  • Electronics

  • Computers and modules

  • Air conditioning

  • Major components like the motor and transmission


These elements are critical, as the frequent and intensive use of these vehicles often leads to wear and tear that standard warranties do not cover.

Our Warranty Options

We offer three sets of warranty products:

  1. Option 1: With a deductible

  2. Option 2: With a different deductible

  3. Option 3: No deductible (slightly higher price)

All options provide exclusionary coverage, which means they cover almost everything except for a few specified exclusions.

How to Get Started

When viewing this video, you can click the link provided to explore the exact products we offer. This will take you to a detailed page where you can review all the options and prices.

For more information or to add this warranty to your existing or new vehicle orders, please contact Jamie Onion directly. If you have any questions that Jamie can't answer immediately, he will connect you with Jason Durbach for detailed support.


Contact Us

  • Jamie Onion: Director of Tim Lally SAVE

  • Jason Durbach: Veritas Global Protection

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