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      When we certify units, we complete a series of diagnostic testing performed on police radar equipment to verify that the unit is operating within the guidelines of the manufacturer’s specifications. We can certify any brand of radar including X band, K band and KA bands in both moving and stationary radar. We use the Vocar HR which meets the IACP comprehensive testing standards.


• Certifies radar and tuning forks

• Handles all X, K and KA band radar and tuning forks

• Audio tone speed simulation test for X, K and KA Bands

• Measures Radar Transmitter center frequency

• Measures power density

• Software stores data and generates certification

• Tamper-proof software ensures unmatched certification integrity (results can not be altered)

Radar Certification

On-Site Radar Certification

$75.00 Per Unit

  • We come to you!!

  • No need to take your unit out and send it in.

  • We will certify your unit on site and in car.

  • No down time and no shipping.

  • Four (4) unit minimum for on-site services

In-Shop Radar Certification

$50.00 Per Unit

  • Send it to us (24 hour turnaround)

  • Bring it in (24 hour turnaround)

  • Make an appointment and we will certify it while you wait (less than an hour)

  • Tim Lally Chevrolet does not repair units.

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