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Tim Lally Chevrolet – Where safety is top priority!

Lets be honest, you cannot give the best customer service without having a solid foundation and constant commitment to public safety! While it has always been a major focus at Tim Lally Chevrolet, Mike Lally’s commitment is almost unmatchable! How can there be safety without law enforcement? This is exactly why we are committed to supporting the thin blue line by helping law enforcement more room in their budgets.

Now you may be asking yourself, what can we really do to make an impact on budgets? Well, we are committed to being below state bid pricing for a variety of different equipment including police radar equipment! We do both on-site by you and in-shop radar certification at discounted prices to simply say thank you for all of the wonderful things that you do for the community day in and day out. After all, you chose your career path to say that you chose to help save lives each and every day is pretty special and meaningful!

When certifying these units, we perform multiple tests to ensure that your equipment is operating within all necessary guidelines and we always can certify any brand of radar – both moving and stationary radar! While we don’t repair any units at this time, we do hope that this truly makes a different within law enforcement agencies. With audio tone speed simulation tests, measuring power density and radar transmitter center frequency, utilizing tamper-proof software to ensure certification integrity, and so much more, we are beyond excited to be a part of this process!

With our On-Site Radar Certification, we will come to you and certify it right then and there! If you choose to do in-shop radar certification, you will have three choices. You can either send it to us or drop it off and there will 24-hour turnaround time. Otherwise, you also have the option to make an appointment to bring it in and it will be done in less than an hour! Beyond these savings, we are also offering some other things that could help your department including savings on vehicles, bumper to bumper warranties for 3 years or 36,000 miles which includes the installation of all of your equipment, and we also have two completely ready to go police loaner cars for anytime that your patrol vehicle is in for any service or repair!

Thank you so much for all of your commitment to keeping or community safe!

Upfitted Silverado
Tim Lally Save Upfitted Silverado

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